Business in China

An international assignment in China can be a challenging and stressful experience and a failure to adapt to a new set of cultural rules and behaviours can cause frustration and misunderstanding. Our training courses are designed to respond to the needs of international assignees by providing practical information and advice on the various aspects of living and working in China, as well as conveying an understanding of the underlying elements that shape Chinese culture inside and outside the workplace.


Knowing your market, understanding the cultural differences with China and staying tuned to the changes is vital if you are to be successful in a country as dynamic as China.

In those courses, you will learn

    Chinese business culture traits
  • Understanding of culture, history and politics and its impact on doing business in China
  • Improved confidence and effectiveness in communicating and maintaining relationships with Chinese partners
  • Increased understanding about China and the mind set of Chinese people
  • Working practices and business etiquette
  • Triditional Chinese attitudes: time, space, group dynamics, authority, tasks, relationships Chinese communication styles A Rapidly Developing Economy today
  • China economy growth facts
  • The 12th 5 -Year Plan 2011-2015
  • PRC - issues list
  • How to doing business with Chinese
  • What is Guanxi? Can I do business not using it?
  • Effective business communication
  • Working with the Chinese: building relationships
  • Potential language issues. Pritical tips: international English, using interpreters
  • Cross-cultural management skills: styles and expectations in China
  • Learn negotiations - Chinese style
  • How to deal effectively with Chinese counterparts
  • Risk managements
  • Risk managing plan and strategy
  • Where to go for Help?
  • Going to China?
  • Preparing to travel to China
  • Business card
  • Language tuition
  • Making appointments
  • Business entertaining
  • What kind of sensitive conversation topics you should avoid?
  • Social etiquette and protocol
  • Food and drink
  • What is lucky numbers and colours?
  • Chinese names
  • When not to travel in China?
  • Relocating to China.