Living and Working in the UK for Chinese Nationals (in Mandarin Chinese and/or English)

Foreign nationals coming to live and work in the United Kingdom face many challenges in their efforts to adapt to British culture and succeed in the UK working environment. While you may be highly competent at work and very successful at home, the challenges of possibly working in a different language and adapting to a range of new cultural rules are likely to make social and professional interactions a challenging, at times frustrating experience.

While English is the international language of business, there are a range of subtleties and nuances that are unique to British English and British culture. These are integral to British behaviours and attitudes—part of a set of cultural rules that can only be appreciated through an understanding of British culture. Failure to do so may have a serious impact on an assignee’s ability to adapt on a professional and personal basis.

Our courses are designed to respond to the needs of international assignees by providing practical information and advice on the various aspects of living and working in the UK, as well as conveying an understanding of the underlying elements that shape British culture inside and outside the workplace.

  • Workshops are designed and delivered by our exprienced cross-cultural trainer, who has successfully run more than 80 sessions of workshops for many clients in U.K., Ireland, Holland and China, and most of them are recalls in English and Mandarin Chinese. A small selection of clients are represented below and we are more than happy to provide formal references and case studies on request.

  • She is brought up in China by her Korean Korean parents, lived and worked profesionally in China, Japan and U.K. Her expertise and insight into China and its various business practices is an invaluable tool for those preparing to do business in or with China. She draw on personal experience and case tudies to highlight differences between the U.K. and the Far East and help you avoid possible pitfalls with detailed practical advise.

  • We deliver the courses at a time and location suit you or your company.
  • We do work via agencies from time to time, but if you found us directly, you will get the same workshop but not having to pay more then half what an interim agent would charge.

Contents Intercultural Competence
  • Developing intercultural competence
  • An understanding of culture shock and its manifestations
  • The opportunity to develop practical strategies to overcome culture shock
  • Key communication tools and skills
All About British and Briton
  • A comprehensive insight to the United Kingdom and its historical, social and economic development
  • An understanding of British culture for social and business
  • Subtleties and nuances of British culture may effecte your relationships at work or socially
  • British attitudes to foreigners
  • British communication style verbal and bady languages
  • Strategies for coping with difficult situations with case studies
  • Effective communication skills with case studies
  • Sensitive topics you should avoid that may embarrass or make people feel uncomfortable
  • Public behaviour and etiquette
  • Traditions and Celebrations
Essential practical guids and information for settling in
  • Detailed adivise on what to bring
  • Practical information on local properties, living environment, transports, schools and entertainments
  • British views on raising children and education
  • Holidays
  • Banking
  • Healthcare in the UK
  • Guidelines for safety issues
  • Practical tips on food and drinks, shopping
  • Essential languages for emergencies and how to seek helps
  • An opportunity to discuss any further individual concerns regarding Settling in.